March, and it’s off again. modestly. According to the latest figures published by the French Association of Financial Companies, production of consumer car loans reached 2 973 million euros, an increase of 1.5% compared to March 2013 (+1.2% in the first quarter compared to the corresponding period). Last month, the activity was already showing a slight increase (+1.1%).

From there to talk about recovery. ” The level of activity continues to be very low, since at the end of March the cumulative production of the last twelve months was still 22.4% lower than the high point reached in September 2008 “, relativizes the ASF.

Classic credit operations that stagnate.

Classic credit operations that stagnate.

Disparities are observed by type of car loan. Thus, conventional credit operations do not increase or almost with + 0.4%. A figure that covers both an increase in appropriations allocated ( + 2.6% ) and a decrease in revolving car loans and personal car loans (respectively -0.4% and -0.6% ). Assigned car loans mainly financed new cars (+ 6.6%) and second-hand cars (+ 6.1%), to the detriment of home furnishings or to improve housing (-5.8%).

But car loan operations that boost the market

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But the current driving force of the consumer credit market is not conventional operations, but the car loan (lease with option to buy). This activity – which is for the borrower to rent a property he can acquire at the end of the contract at a price fixed in advance – continues to grow, with production that reached in March + 12.9% (+ 17.3% for automotive car loan, -7.5% for car loan other materials).

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