Auto credit: new vehicle financing up 16% in December

The production of auto loans globally posted good results in December, according to the latest survey of the Association of Financial Companies (ASF). While new car financing even shows a 16% annual rate, the results are more nuanced than they appear. The LOA continues to explode to strongly advance First, what is meant by”new car […]

Auto loan: 4 tips for buying a new car

Buying a new car is often a major investment for households. Therefore, to make the right choice, not only in terms of model, tariffs, but also in terms of financing with auto credit, it should follow some tips. 1. Define the right car model Each year, the automobile categories are expanding, and new vehicles, sometimes […]

Auto loan: cheaper than the car loan

Car Loan, it is the dilemma of the financing of a vehicle before which many purchasers are subjected in concession! If the Car Loan took power in the new, auto credit has arguments to make, including a lower total cost for the acquisition of the car. Explanations. The Car Loan has further progressed in 2018 […]

Auto Credit: And Autonomous Vehicle Enthusiasts Are.

This is not new, the autonomous vehicles (that is to say that do not need driver) assert themselves as among the “next big thing”. An astronomical capitalization Just look at the latest announcements around new car. The Colinssin Valley mogul company, is worth $ 40 billion in market capitalization, while it sold only 76,000 vehicles […]

Car Loan: Comparison of Car Loans With Low Interest Rate

Taking a loan is a serious commitment – we must comply with all the provisions of the contract. The basic principle of responsible lending is not to borrow money “exaggerated”, ie in an amount greater than we need. We also need to define the purpose for which we will allocate the obtained money. The decision […]

Leasing or car loan?

August 23, 2017 Leasing is a popular form of financing. Both companies and individuals can use this option. A large proportion of entrepreneurs lease cars due to tax breaks. A car loan at a bank has a relatively low interest rate, however, people with a very good BIK rating can use the service. On the […]

Auto loan: activity is off again in March

March, and it’s off again. modestly. According to the latest figures published by the French Association of Financial Companies, production of consumer car loans reached 2 973 million euros, an increase of 1.5% compared to March 2013 (+1.2% in the first quarter compared to the corresponding period). Last month, the activity was already showing a […]